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Sacred Jade Boulder 124 pounds of boitryoidal jade from Big Sur California Nephrite sacred jade decor boulder meditation landscape rock garden jardin. Shamanic jade apple chrome green purple white blue black Jades gems catseye jade cats eye Imperial Jade gold jewelry netsuke chatoyant pseudomorph.
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Offered for sale: Sacred Jade Nephrite jade from Big Sur California.

This is your a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a Sacred Jade Boulder that is astonishingly rare and beautiful.
This jade boulder was once submerged in the Pacific Ocean which is attested to by the barnacles that still cling to the outer surface of this boulder!
Discovered & collected by Maryam Mason & her father (internationally known jeweler and lapidary Mystic Merchant) - Billy Mason after a fine lunch at the Whale Watcher Cafe.
Sacred Jade Boulder
Jade Cove, Big Sur, California
designer decor focal point meditation stone
barnacles from its time in the Pacific ocean
World navel figure
boitryoidal with amazing veining
incredibly perfect undamaged "skin"
Rare and fabulous
Amazing Shamanic healing energy
18 x 18 x 14 inches
124 pounds of awesome sacred wonder
item # MaryamsJadeBoulder
Call 919-742-3945 to discuss purchase and shipping arrangements.

The pleasure and satisfaction of a lifetime awaits you...

Email:info at JadeWow dot com
Telephone 919-742-3945

Custom jewelry and gemstones orders are welcome.

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